Letter of Intent

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A letter of intent is included in your application package while applying for a post-secondary institution or a scholarship. Custom letter of intent writing is one of our popular services as students generally require many application forms in their life for various academic purposes. Many students get puzzled between a letter of intent and a personal statement. The fundamental purpose of these documents is almost exact although there are some slight differences between the two.

  • A personal statement portrays the bibliographic al facts of a student’s life and his/her experiences that led to choose the particular field of study.
  • A letter of intent is concerned about the future. It makes a student’s vision about educational and personal life prominent and also his/her plans in the near future.

The Strong Reasons to Choose Our Letters Of Intent Help

    • We clearly state the source of your aspiration for selecting a particular institution.
    • We show your detailed understanding of the field you are interested to study
    • We portray an accurate portrait of your personal traits
    • We also show your willingness to face obstacles ahead
    • We highlight what new ideas you can bring to an institution you wish to study in.
    • We convey your sincerity, interest and self confidence.
    • Most importantly, we do not show false or misleading information.
    E-Z-university.com is the right choice when looking for a custom letter of intent. We have a team of specialized writers who specialize in writing personal statements, application essays, and letters of intent. If you are not satisfied with your letter of intent, you can ask for a revision .


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