Law Influence On The Conduct Of Business

Law Influence On The Conduct Of Business

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Law Influence On The Conduct Of Business

Papers should not be longer than 5 pages. and should be typed in Microsoft Word single spaced, with 1” margins


Topic= Persuasive paper on how a particular law influences the conduct of business.  Choose one law and one position either good or bad for business and why.  Examples:

(a) The Americans with Disabilities Act imposes unfair burdens on businesses to comply with or the ADA helps promote a diverse workforce.

(b) The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act disadvantages American companies operating overseas.

(c) Tort reform should be uniform in all states to lower the cost of liability to companies.

(d) The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should/should not restrict certain types of products from being advertised.

(e) The US Tax system, using a high tax rate and worldwide taxation, puts US corporations at a competitive disadvantage with lower taxed countries.

(f) SEC disclosure requirements on publicly traded companies (ie Sarbannes-Oxley) is a necessary correction to corrupt practices or an overreach of government regulation.

(g) Bankruptcy laws are good/bad for business

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