Environmental Management Problem

Environmental Management Problem

The word length MUST NOT exceed 1000 words.

Identify an environmental management problem which in your opinion is currently being managed in a sub-optimal manner. As an individual, prepare a written report on the nature of this management problem from the view point of a National Government Agency (i.e.: United States Treasury, ABARES, Productivity Commission, etc.) or an International Organisation (i.e.: OECD, FAO, etc).
This report should include (1) a clear identification of the environmental management problem and associated economics, (2) a proposition of a policy or a series of policy interventions which are consistent with improved “optimal” management of the environmental resource, and (3) a well articulated justification of why this proposition would be beneficial for the stakeholders (consumers, producers, government, society, etc.).
You will be assessed on your ability to articulate each of these points with reference to economic theory, models and/or empirical evidence relevant to environmental economics.
1) The briefing should be prepared in a concise manner; the word limit (including tables, figures) is 1000 words. The reference list is not included in the word count. Word counts substantially in excess of this limit (say, greater than 20%) will not be assessed.
2) Note that materials presented in lectures and tutorials should be helpful in your preparation of this assignment.
3) You must include a reference list, presented in the style of an appropriate Journal. Consistency in referencing style is key, the choice of journal style is not.
4) The assignment must be presented in a typed format.

Managing Equality and Diversity at work

Managing Equality and Diversity at work
Order Description
Assignment Requirement

Assignment 2 (worth 70%) answer one question from the list for the second teaching period. In addition you are to submit three ‘tweets’ on three of the topics in the second teaching block. The essay question and the tweets should all be on different topics (i.e. you cover 4 topics in total) Word limit 2,500 words for the essay and tweets 140 characters.

This question(s) must reference to the theoretical aspects of the subject and link your answer to the debates surrounding equality and diversity. You answers should also be referenced correctly utilising APA. In addition, you should ensure that the sources you use in your essays are mainly based on academic journal articles or other reputable sources such as government reports.
Assessment criteria Tweets Twitter is an online social networking / micro blogging service and allows users to send, read and resend short text messages. A tweet is made up of 140 characters. For the purposes of the assignment you do not have to join twitter or post to twitter as the submission of your three ‘tweets’ only requires you to submit a hard copy. However, you may find it interesting to join twitter if you have not already done so. https://twitter.com/ 31 Tips on Tweeting https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenkrogue/2013/08/30/31-twitter-tips-how-to-use-twittertools-and-twitter-best-practices-for-business/

This is the essay question for 2500 words
• Trade Unions play a marginal role in delivering equality for all workers in the workplace. Evaluate this statement?
This is the tweets questions that’s has to be 140 characters each.

• Evaluate the extent to which flexible working promote and reduce discrimination for all staff in the workplace?

• Why is bullying and harassment a diversity issue?

• Evaluate the reasons why employees might consider it legitimate to discriminate on the basis of ‘lookism’ when recruiting, and promoting employees?

Outstanding work – contains accurate, relevant material, demonstrates understanding of complex subject matter and, where appropriate, is able to view it in a wider context. Shows originality and confidence in analysing and criticising assumptions, is aware of the limits of knowledge. Likely to add new insights to the topic and approaches the quality of published material.

Evidence of extensive research, uses and presents references effectively with full and proper referencing. The answer has a thoughtful structure, a clear message displaying personal reflection informed by wider reading of articles and/or other commentaries and a good grasp of detail (as evidenced by the choice of relevant examples which are well integrated into the answer’s structure). Such answers excel in most if not all the following criteria. • comprehensiveness and accuracy; • clarity of argument and expression; • integration of a range of materials; • evidence of wider reading; • insight into the theoretical issues.

Apply the “reason by inquiry” process and identify

Apply the “reason by inquiry” process and identify

Paper details:

Apply the “reasoning by inquiry” process to a nursing situation that you have encountered. In doing so identify the following *concepts, *relationships, *operationalized definitions, *variables, *assumptions*, inquiry questions*. Which of the following were appropriate outcomes of the reasoning processes used in resolving the problem? (identifying, relating, understanding, explaining, predicting, influencing, and controlling) And WHY and HOW were they appropriate?